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Push Forward With Expert Advice

Connect with a licensed and insured architect or contractor who loves working with us.

Expert services for your Renovation Kit

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How It Works

Renovation Kits



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Renovation Kit

Crimson Bathroom with Shower




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Floor Installation

Available Services

Rates available on the Renovation Kit's Online Dashboard

Contractor referrals

Modifications to the Renovation Kit

Architectural drawings and details

Plans for building management review

Building permit application documents

All services finalized by separate contract with the relevant professional.

Common Questions

Common Questions

Push Forward with Expert Advice.

Connect with a licensed and insured architect or contractor who loves working with us.

Renovating a House

Schedule a meeting with a trusted contractor.

Need a contractor referral? Tell us about your project and a contractor from our vetted referral network will schedule a meeting to discuss your project needs directly on-site with you.

Request drawings from an architect. 

Get an architect put your project ideas down on paper with industry standard drawings that clearly communicate your project scope on applications for a building permit or alteration agreement.

School Application

Expedite your permit applications.

Streamline your permit application with the same architect that prepares your drawings. We coordinate all necessary forms with your consultants to ensure accurate filing packages goes to the right agencies.

School Application
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