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Enlarged drawings of assembly solutions in select areas of the project to dampen noise and sound transmission to adjacent spaces.


After purchasing the service(s), you will receive a link to download terms and conditions of the service(s). The terms and conditions of the service(s) will be added to the project's service agreement. You can view and download your service agreement from your project page.

Acoustic Details

  • The terms and conditions of this service to be added to your project’s existing AIA Document B105-2017 service agreement is as follows:

    Modifications to Article 7: The Architect shall deliver the Acoustic Details service, which directs the Architect to produce enlarged drawings of assembly solutions reducing sound transmission in select areas within a select room of the project. This service includes a maximum of four (4) details with one (1) iteration of each detail and one (1) hour of meeting with the Owner. Additional details or revisions may be billed hourly as Additional Service.

  • Refunds are only available if the service has not commenced.

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