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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

The Alteration Agreement document from your Building Management contains the latest renovation rules adopted by your Condominium or Cooperative. The infographic below outlines common challenges and constraints that might impact your apartment renovation.

1. Insurance Requirements

Anyone designated to perform work on the project must be licensed and obtain insurances meeting minimum liability limits.

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) renovation unlikely, so the homeowner likely must hire a contractor to perform its renovation

  • High insurance limits means increased cost to homeowner

2. Scope of Work Documents

Your intended scope of work must be approved by the Condominium Board and are subject to inspections by Building Management.

  • Very limited layout changes possible due to location of existing risers

  • Adding new plumbing connections require an architect to file for a building permit.

3. Restricted Work Schedule

Condominium enforces strict time periods for work and for the use of service elevators in order to minimize disruptions to other occupants.

  • Restricted work schedule pushes project timeframe, thereby increasing cost to homeowner

  • Shared service elevator slows workers and materials movement

4. Restricted Work Area

The work can only take place within the apartment's premises, including the storage of tools, materials and garbage.

  • Restricted work area favors more off-site fabrication

  • Restricted space and limited storage favors phased importing of tools and materials

Why Room by Color's Renovation Kit is a great fit for your apartment renovation:

  • Save time with design packages buildable by most skilled contractors

  • Simplicity of the kits means more qualified contractors and more competitive bids

  • Products in the kits favor off-the-shelf products and prefabrication

Explaining the four challenges and constraints created by the Alteration Agreement for typical condominium or co-op renovation. Room by Color Renovation Kits are good options for homeowners looking for quality designs with a simpler approach to the renovation process.
The Alteration Agreement Building Management contains the latest renovation rules adopted by your Condominium or Cooperative.


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