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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

When searching for a contractor, 70 percent of searches go through acquaintances, where 42% of them go ask a friend or family member for a contractor referral, while 28% go ask a contractor they already know.

This means people like to work with who you trust. And the top factors for hiring a contractor that matter most are:

  1. trustworthiness

  2. responsiveness

  3. reasonable cost

  4. quality of work

So what options does one have to when hiring a contractor?

Options Pros Cons

Contractor's stock designs single payment few options

Architect's custom designs custom options expensive

Room by Color's Renovation Kits hire favorite contractor self manage

Room by Color's Renovation Kits lets homeowners take control of their design while enabling you to work with our favorite contractor. Designed by architects, our kits are compatible with most common layouts and can be easily installed by skilled contractors.

By the numbers, homeowners ask friends, family or Contractor acquaintances when searching for Contractors. Homeowners want to work with who they trust. Room by Color's Renovation Kits can help.
Work With Who You Trust. Renovation Kits can help.


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