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This is a bundled package of Starter Layouts and Bid Review services:

  • Starter Layouts: Preliminary plan sketches to test ideas and layouts. Suitable for Building Management reviews and early cost estimates. Includes two design iterations.
  • Bid Review: Review of contractor estimate for consistency with scope of work documents. Bid leveling available if reviewing multiple contractor estimates. 


After purchasing this package, you will receive a link to download terms and conditions of the service(s). The terms and conditions of the service(s) will be added to the project's service agreement. You can view and download your service agreement from your project page.

Basic Pricing Set

  • The terms and conditions of the service(s) to be added to your project’s existing AIA Document B105-2017 service agreement are as follows:

    Modifications to Article 7: The Article shall deliver the Starter Layout service, which directs the Architect to produce preliminary plan sketches based on criteria described in the Owner’s project description. The purpose of the sketches is to test ideas and layouts, and to memorialize a scope of work for preliminary cost estimate with a contractor and for review by the Project’s Building Management. The Architect cannot warrant that the sketch is acceptable for application to Building Management or to the contractor. This service includes two (2) design iterations and one (1) hour of meeting with the Owner. Additional work to modify a sketch may be billed hourly as Additional Service.

    Modifications to Article 7: The Architect shall deliver the Bid Review service, which directs the Architect to review contractor proposals and estimates for consistency with the scope of work documents. The Architect may conduct bid leveling of proposals if retained to review multiple bids. This service package includes two (2) hours of meetings with the Owner and the review of one (1) iteration of the contractor’s proposal/estimate and does not include contractor negotiations or modifying design drawings. Additional reviews are either a new Bid Review or may be billed hourly as Additional Service.

  • Refunds are only available if the service has not commenced.

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