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Lower risk of supply chain delays by ordering finishes and fixtures in advance. We order from our vendor network and pass any trade discounts to you.


After purchasing the service(s), you will receive a link to download terms and conditions of the service(s). The terms and conditions of the service(s) will be added to the project's service agreement. You can view and download your service agreement from your project page.

Advance Purchases

  • The terms and conditions of this service to be added to your project’s existing AIA Document B105-2017 service agreement is as follows:

    Modifications to Article 7: The Architect shall deliver the Advance Purchases service, which retains the Architect as a purchasing agent. Unless otherwise requested by the Owner, the Architect shall order fixtures and finishes from his vendor network. The Architect shall disclose and pass all trade discounts to the Owner. This service shall prepare a maximum of one (1) purchase order for each item and one (1) hour of meeting with the Owner. Compensation shall be ten (10) percent of the purchase order receipt, excluding sales tax and shipping fees. Additional work may be billed hourly as Additional Service.

    The Owner understands that the Advance Purchase service grants the Architect authority to purchase fixtures and finishes on behalf of the Owner and that the Owner is purchasing fixtures and finishes from third-party vendors, and not purchasing from the Architect. The Owner shall pay vendors directly for fixtures and finishes purchased under this Agreement and notify the Architect of such payments. The Architect is not responsible for obligations assumed by vendors in their contracts with the Owner, including delivery deadlines, related services or any other terms and conditions. The Architect makes no representations or warranties regarding the purchases. Unless otherwise noted, the Architect retains the right to keep his compensation for services already provided, including in cases of purchase order cancellations, returns, or changes.

  • Refunds are only available if the service has not commenced.

Other Projects

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