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How Room by Color can help you quickly and efficiently bid, execute and deliver the project.

Finalizing Construction Plans

Bid on projects more quickly

Our standardized approach to renovations allows you to quickly assemble bids for installation labor and base materials, while offering your clients stunning design options. With our curation, your bid should just include:

labor, tools, and mounting hardware 

substrates, mortar, studs and insulation

shower doors, sealants and waterproofing

pipes, valves, fittings, outlets and switches

Incentives tied to you

We encourage clients referred by you to work with you. That's why when a client mentions you when they register their project, we provide discounts exclusive to selecting you as their Contractor. How?

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Happy Architect

Supporting Services

Easily connect with our experts for questions about product specifications or deliveries. Our supporting services include architects who can help you and your client with permits, drawings and details.

Referral Program

Register with us so your clients can receive exclusive discounts for working with you to build their Room by Color curation.

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By registering with us, you agree to receive newsletters and marketing materials from Room by Color. Registration to the Referral Program does not guarantee that any clients referred from you will ultimately choose to enter into contract with you. See our Terms of Use for more details.

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