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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

We list the common issues that emerge from apartment renovation projects and recommend common sense solutions to head off stressful headaches during your project.

Risk#1: Defect, damage or delay of a critical product may delay project work or require immediate product substitution.

Solution: Avoid unique, one-off products that are hard to substitute or replace if damaged before, during or after the project. Be practical and flexible with substitutions and balance design, time and cost in the resolution decision. Room by Color is always on standby and prepared to assist with any problems with products in our Renovation Kit.

Risk#2: Discovery of hazardous condition such as mold or asbestos can add substantial costs and delays in order to safely remediate the problem.

Solution: Prepare a contingency budget. Have a inspector or investigator conduct probes and tests of probable affected areas prior to hiring a contractor.

Risk#3: Damage to a neighbor can occur when leaks or vibrations cause loose tiles or unsecured fixtures or furniture to dislodge or break.

Solution: Notify neighbors of the planned work and ask to take pictures to document existing condition.

Risk #4: Disputes with the contractor can severely disrupt a project if not handled carefully. Firing a contractor can backfire since his replacement can be expensive and difficult to find.

Solution: Be sure the contractor's contract is clear about the scope of work. Never pay for incomplete or unsatisfactory work until it is rectified.

Risk #5: Change orders are changes to the originally agreed scope of work, often causing unintended cost overruns, additional works and project delays.

Solution: Plan the work with qualified professionals before commencing work. Be restrained in making design changes after the contractor commences work. Use renderings - such as those provided with every Room by Color Sample Set - to help convey the design to the contractor.

Risk #6: Stop work order can be issued by a regulatory authority for unauthorized or dangerous work condition. This requires an immediate stoppage of work until the problem is remedied.

Solution: Be sure to obtain all necessary permits and approvals before starting work. Check with Building Management, an architect, or talk to a Room by Color expert about your project.

Diagram on what can go wrong during a renovation and what to do about it. We list the common issues and recommended solutions for our Room by Color Renovation Kit customers.
What can go wrong during a renovation? What to do about it?

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